Paul Rosenblum

Paul Rosenblum – Greater Yield

Companies seeking to improve operations and productivity in the oil and gas industries know that Paul Rosenblum can deliver results. Rosenblum is a professional knowledge leader and advisor with international experience in multiple industries and with a specialization in the energy sector. Rosenblum combines more than 25 years experience in the oil and gas industries with expertise in supply chain optimization; continuous improvement design and implementation; general management; and sales and marketing.

Rosenblum’s process-based skills are a product of his experience and proficiency in improving productivity in a variety of cultural and geographic environments. He is able to interface with all levels of management to drive positive change through process cycle time reduction, cross-functional team formation and mentoring, development of process-based KPI, supply chain definition and optimization, total cost of ownership reduction, MTBF improvement, and rapid maintenance turnaround.

As a management consultant, Rosenblum has advised diverse clients involved in manufacturing, telecommunications, construction and industrial products with multinational operations in the U.S. and China. During his career he has held management, director and executive level positions. His geographic and language experience spans North America, Central and South America the Asia/Pacific region, and Europe.

Rosenblum has had many notable successes during his career. As Managing Director for an offshore drilling and heavy mining equipment manufacturer, he grew sales from $1M to more than $30M. For an international telecommunications products company he increased available factory capacity by 200 percent with no capital expenditures and Rosenblum reduced supplier lead times by 40 percent to raise a textile manufacturer’s on-time delivery from 65 percent to 97 percent.



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