Justo Vargas


Justo Vargas – Greater Yield

Where multicultural environments meet multifunctional business demands, Justo Vargas is a champion of enterprise-wide business solutions. He is an experienced turnaround leader and change agent skilled in leading rapid revenue and profit growth in high pressure environments.

But he’s much more than that. Justo has led teams in their transformational efforts in more than 20 industries and in over 30 countries. He is known for developing and empowering people to achieve extraordinary results. And he has done so fluently in both English and Spanish.

Through his guidance and leadership, Justo’s teams have worked to increase revenue by creating new products that leveraged existing distribution channels; by entering new markets with existing products; by developing new products for entirely new markets; and by acquiring and integrating new companies. His work has dramatically reduced costs and consolidated plants; opened new plants; and rationalized production capabilities around the world.

He and his teams have built infrastructures of operational excellence through the application of various tools, implementing innovative processes that increased asset utilization, achieved faster throughput and radically reduced inventories. In addition to his broad operational experience, Justo has deep financial expertise and has negotiated labor agreements and contracts ranging from traditional commodity procurement to complex and unique joint ventures. He has also implemented integrated metric systems.

Justo has earned three Professional Licenses (Attorney at Law, CPA, PE); three academic degrees (JD, MBA, BS-CE); and four certifications (CTP, CPM, CPIM, CIRM).



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