Do you want to INCREASE your EBITDA?

What keeps you up at night?

Is the accelerating rate of change and the current economic environment forcing you to rethink the way you manage your firm and portfolio companies?

Would you like to create an environment in your firm and portfolio companies that drives the best performance and obtains the highest EBITDA possible without adding any more cost to the company?

In today’s rapidly changing environment, investors are looking for every opportunity to improve performance and increase the value of their portfolios.  Investors, business owners, and company executives need expert resources to manage complex projects related to major business events including transformation, acquisition, mergers, and preparation for company sale.

Greater Yield was created 14 years ago to serve your market and stands apart in its ability to create value for investor funds, middle-market businesses, in family- and entrepreneur-oriented environments as well as small cap public and private companies.  We work with you and your team to achieve exceptional shareholder value through the development and execution of critical operational and IT initiatives.  At Greater Yield we believe that Operational and Information Technology excellence are the enterprise strategies necessary for growth.

With a focus on identifying risks during due diligence and driving EBITDA expansion, we apply proven processes to ensure our clients achieve the competitive advantage they need in today’s marketplace. Our unique cross-functional operations and IT expertise allows us to consistently provide clients with critical knowledge and resources.

Greater Yield can help drive performance for you and your portfolio companies through Operational Due Diligence, Performance Improvements, Global Supply Chain Management, Process and Data Governance, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Change Management, Quality of Operations review, Cultural Change and Impact management, Risk Management, Human Capital, Organizational Transformation and Solutions Architecture just to name a few.

Greater Yield ensures you can resolve your challenges and reduce the complexities that surround them.  That is why you should learn more about how we can help you and your portfolio to yield greater success.

Please feel free to Download Greater Yield Fact Sheet  – Greater Yield Facts for Investors

ACG Flyer 2013.pptx


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